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Valley Baptist Church.

Valley Baptist Church was founded in March 2, 1978 by a Pastor by the name of Gerald L. Swenney. Mr. Swenney and his wife became aware of the need for a church in the area, and a group of people who were desirous. This group had met with various short term preachers, but God had not yet sent a preacher. Pastor and Mrs. Swenney visited the area and the group and were burdened by the need in the area. Argreement was required for the group to totally realize that if Brother Swenney accepted the call, every aspect of the work would become New..New Testement, Independent Baptist doctrine and practice to be that of the new mission.The name Valley Baptist Church was the only thing to be retained. This was agreed upon, and brother Swenney was called to begin an Independent Baptist mission  work. Since only Churches begat Churches, a new work was now begun.

Valley Baptist Church has been open to the people since 1978. People have passed thru, people have stayed, The Word of God will always remain the same. Over the years Valley Baptist Church has had 6 Pastors to Preach the Word of God. As of this day Pastor Epifanio Mendoza is the 7th Pastor to do God's will in this Church.

Valley Baptist Church Ministries

    God has blessed this Church with several ministries such as The Deaf Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, Junior/Teen Camp, Men's and Ladies Meeting, Vacation Bibile Study (VBS), Visitation Ministry, Teen/ Children Ministry.

Valley Baptist Church

202 Damon St.

Belen, NM 87002



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